Even The Graveyards Dead 7″ Single Recording – January 2015

Before heading out on the February 2015 tour,  I booked The Caezars in to record a new single to be released on 7” vinyl and digital download in time for the tour in February. This is so physical 7” single would be available to pre-order on The Caezars Bandcamp page and the digital audio track would be made available to listen to on the bands Soundcloud page. Soundcloud is where music is posted before it appears on Spotify or iTunes or anywhere else (Horn, 2014) because, as its CEO Erik Wahlforss (2014) told Gizmodo; “Soundcloud is where music culture happens on the web”.  The digital audio files would also be made available on iTunes and Spotify upon the release date via the aggregator service Zimbalam (2015), as iTunes and Spotify do not work directly with artists to receive works. This releasing strategy will help rectify the errors made on the last tour whilst still servicing fans in a way that is simple, efficient and appropriate. Vinyl sales grew by 54.7% in 2014 and although the format only accounts for 2% of global revenues, it has an appeal that matches the bands current demographic (IFPI 2015).


The single was recorded live, all analogue, straight to tape in one day, with the session engineered by cult Rockabilly guitarist Darrel Higham. The record was also mixed and mastered by Darrel then the label design was designed by myself with collaborative input from the rest of the band to ensure it looked as authentic as possible. I monitored the whole process of the release, going through Neil Scott at Sounds That Swing and Damon’s pressing plant that they use. I set up the templates myself and ensured everything was ready for the pressing process that was funded by Clive Duffin at Ambassador records. The tracks were titles “Even The Graveyard’s Dead” on the A-Side and “Oh! Odette” on the B-Side and you can listen to them both below:


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