Daddy Long Legs – Shacklewell Arms – 21/05/2015


I’d already seen Daddy Long Legs at The Shacklewell Arms a year or two ago courtesy of Dirty Water Records bringing them over and they were absolutely fantastic back then. I can also happily say that they are just as fantastic now as they were last time. The band played an absolutely storming set, pulsating with such energy and intensity, it felt like paint was being stripped off the walls every time that piercing harmonica pummelled my ears.

So many bands could take lessons from Daddy Long Legs in my opinion, as just three members managed to create a wall of ferocious sound, and deliver a stage show that hit like a tornado. They somehow accomplished this without a bass or cymbals on their drum kit, resulting in a primal and relentless beat topped with a fantastic overdriven blues sound.

Although a lot of their song structures and overall feel would probably place them in the roots music camp, it is their fire and intensity that make a band like Daddy Long Legs an essential group on the music scene today. When the band do decide to tone it down, numbers such as title track of their second album “Blood From A Stone” still engage the audience and result in a frenzied reaction when the dynamics are shifted back up again on tracks like “Motorcycle Madness” and “Evil Eye”, which you can see performed at The Shacklewell Arms below.

My only criticism is that they didn’t play “Sittin’ Shotgun” which is my personal favourite from the debut album “Daddy Long Legs” on Norton Records. Apart from that, I was bowled over by the show once again, especially on “Chains-A-Rattlin'”, where the drummer came forward with just the floor tom and preceded to beat it mercilessly at the front of the stage. A far superior and more lively take on the track in comparison to how it is recorded on their second full length record.

A band that is an absolute must-see next time they’re in a town near you!

Score: 9/10